Government Services

Government Services

Social Security Schemes of Government of Goa 

Extension of Dayanand Social Security Scheme (DSSS) to PLHIVs (People Living with HIV)  for availing financial assistance of 2000/- per month through Directorate of Social Welfare

50% concession on travel has been accorded toPLHIVs (People Living with HIV) travelling by Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd. (KTCL) buses to access treatment and other services. 

Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) Centres 

       Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Free antiretroviral drugs are being provided at Goa Medical College since April 2005. To start with, the beneficiaries comprised of symptomatic patients with CD4 count of less than 200 but at present ART is initiated as early as CD4 < 350

Link ART Plus Centres - The existing Link ART Centres at District Hospital (Asilo), Mapusa and Hospicio Hospital, Margao have been upgraded to Link ART Plus Centres Link ART Centres

Two new Link ART Centres have been established at Cottage Hospital, Chicalim and Sub District Hospital, Ponda. 

Prevention of Parent-to-Child Transmission (PPTCT)

In order to reduce the rate of transmission from HIV infected mother-to-child, the programme of ‘Prevention of Parent-to-Child Transmission’ (PPTCT) is made available at Goa Medical College, Bambolim, Hospicio Hospital, Margao, District Hospital (Asilo), Mapusa, all the CHCs and PHC, Candolim.

Under this programme, pregnant women are counseled and tested for HIV and if found positive, the HIV-infected mother-baby pairs are given a single dose of Nevirapine. Coverage for surveillance of antenatal mothers has increased because of the availability of ICTCs at all the CHCs, thus the positive antenatal from all ICTCs are referred for the PPTCT facility at the District /GMC Hospitals.

Blood Safety Programme

All the blood banks under the State Government i.e. those attached to the Goa Medical College and the two District Hospitals viz. Hospicio Hospital, Margao and District Hosptial, Mapusa have been modernized and suitably strengthened with requisite blood bank equipments, trained manpower, consumables, chemicals and other infrastructure.

Testing of every unit of blood for detecting infections for diseases like Hepatitis B & C, Syphilis and Malaria apart from testing for HIV has been made mandatory to ensure that only safe blood is released for transfusion as per the National Blood Safety Policy. For this purpose, necessary kits, equipment, reagents, glassware and blood bags are supplied to the above three blood banks by Goa State AIDS Control Society.

Goa State Blood Transfusion Council (GSBTC) has been set up to oversee blood transfusion services and ensure effective implementation of the programme and better management of blood banking services at State/District levels  

There are two Regional Blood Transfusion Centres in the State of Goa. One at Goa Medical College, (Model Blood Bank) Bambolim, Tiswadi, in North Goa District is North Goa Regional Transfusion Centre and the other at Hospicio Hospital, (Major Blood Bank) Margao in South Goa District is South Goa Regional Transfusion Centre  

Integrated Counseling and Testing Centres (ICTCs)

In order to help people know their HIV status, so that early access to care and treatment, to prevent HIV related illness and to maintain safe sexual practices 11 Integrated Counselling & Testing Centres have been set up in Goa - one each at Goa Medical College, Hospicio, Margao, District Hospital, Mapusa and Cottage Hospital, Chicalim., CHCs - Canacona, Curchorem, Pernem & Valpoi, Primary Health Centre, Candolim, Central Hospital, Usgao Tisk and TB & Chest Hospital, Panaji.

 Under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model, eight private nursing homes namely (i) Vrundavan Hospital and Research Centre, Mapusa (ii) Mandovi Clinic, Porvorim (iii) Govind Kamat Hospital, Panaji (iv) MPT Hospital, Vasco (v) Anandi Nursing Home Hospital, Marcela, (vi) Vrundavan Shalby Hospital, St Cruz (vii) Chondankar Nursing Home, Porvorim and (viii) Kamat Maternity and Surgical Hospital, Miramar are partners in this model.  

Facility level ICTCs (24 x7) Twelve 24 x 7 hrs PHCs which offer counselling and testing services (FICTC) along with other services have been established. Existing staff such as the auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM)/staff nurse/health visitor/laboratory technician (LT)/pharmacist undertake HIV counselling and testing.

Management of Opportunistic Infections (OIs)

The facilities for the management of the Opportunistic Infections are provided at Goa Medical College at tertiary level and two District Hospitals at Secondary level. The Goa State AIDS Control Society supports all the activities undertaken by Goa Medical College and the hospitals under Directorate of Health Services for OI management. There is absolute co-ordination between the National TB Control Programme, TB and Chest Disease Hospital and Goa State AIDS Control Society when it comes to management of TB-HIV co-infections. 

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