Upcoming Events

Demystifying HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control), Bill 2017  | 2-6th November 2016 | Peaceful Society, Kundaim

Demystifying HIV & AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill 2017” 

A Public Lecture by Adv Anand GroverSenior Advocate, in the Supreme Court of India and the Director of the Lawyer’s Collective (India) 

Saturday | 6th May 2017 | 10.30 am – 1.00 pm

Organised by

Positive People and The Lawyers Collective

in collaboration with

The International Centre Goa

For Registration: Contact Peter F. Borges @ 9923700342, Dashmi Mandrekar @ 9767200473

"Silver Jubilee Celebration | 7th May 2017 | Open Air Auditorium, Kala Academy, Panaji - Goa

To mark culmination of Silver Jubilee Celebration, a Musical Evening is organized on 7th May 2017 at Open Air Auditorium, Kala Academy from 7pm onwards. For donation passes contact  Peter F. Borges @ 9923700342, Dashmi Mandrekar @ 9767200473. The event will feature dance performance by children, songs by Norman Cardozo and Troupe and variety of entertainment.