Case Studies

Intervention with IDUs

One of our clients who was using drugs for over 10yrs, found it extremely difficult to quit drugs even after getting himself admitted to a rehabilitation centre for 3 months. Later with the support of some well-wishers in his life he was enrolled with us. He was put on OST and he finished his full course with Positive People. He has not used drugs for last one year and has also motivated many other injecting drug users to come on OST. At present he is completing his studies and looking forward for a better future. OST has helped him not just in quitting drugs but to regain his lost confidence. When asked he says “Life is beautiful we should not ruin it; we got to choose our companions carefully. Work hard for things you want to achieve and you will see the results.

Support to PLHIVs

Shasi (Name changed )is a Home based sex worker. She was found to be HIV positive 4 yrs back. She was employed in a Cotton Mill but now the mill is closed down since 2 yrs.

Her husband had deserted her about 15 years back. She has a son who is 23 yrs old and a daughter who is 20 yrs of age. Shasi son works in a hotel and is given accommodation at the hotel. . Shasi is looked after by her sister who stays next door and who is also a home based sex worker.

Her daughter assists her aunt with house work the whole day ( Mother’s sister) as the aunt gives food for them. Shasi is on ART and her health is deteriorating. Not much care is given by her sister who insults and ill- treats her all the time. She is not allowed to meet any family members and talk to them. Shasi feels alone and lonely most of the time. She attends our DIC meetings and other major programs and feels very happy to come to these meetings accompanied by our peer educator from her area. She attends the Support group meetings at Grace church Hall, sometimes as she is often denied permission from her sister to attend the same. On her request and her sister’s, we placed her at Nitya Seva Niketan Home at Rivona. As she was getting disoriented often due to her poor health and her family problems, she returned back home after a month. Her family continues to stigmatise her till date due to her HIV positive status.

Child placed in Care home

Anita (Name changed) is a Call based sex worker, referred to us through an NGO working with children in Margao. She is working in a canteen in Margao and had put her daughter in a day care center run by the NGO.

When the daughter was born, Anita realized that her husband was having an illicit relationship with another woman. Anita, unable to take care of her daughter, resorted to sex work.

Initially, she was reluctant to admit that she was a sex worker. Later, she admitted that she is an alcoholic too and that she is staying with another man. She was motivated to do her ICTC Testing in Hospicio . During Counselling, she requested our assistance to admit her daughter in a boarding school. When we spoke to her daughter who is 7 yrs old, she was found to be very disturbed and restless. She informed us that her mother gets men home, locks her in another room and sometimes to frighten her inflicts her with hot spoon .The child has burn marks on her cheeks. She saw men giving lots of money to her mother. In the situation and also upon the mother’s request we assisted in getting the child admitted to a care home in July ’14.

Now the child is happy and attends a regular school. We are regularly in touch with the child and her mother.